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Issuing electronic bills

The electronic billing system is a procedure that aims to transform the process of issuing invoices and paper notices into an electronic process that allows the exchange of invoices and debit notices.

Item management record

In a Products table, for example, each row or record can contain information about a single product. Each column or field contains some type of information about the product, such as a name, tax number, or commercial registration

Billing management for customers

Use the Open Customer Billing Management page to view invoices that you have posted. Post and print individual customer invoices based on shipment contents lists

Tax account and balance due

Calculate sales tax and purchase tax for commercial interests when issuing your invoice with the possibility of adding notes to your commercial invoice form with the result of the balance due.

Customize your bills

You can create professional-looking invoices using a template that you can customize for your company with the possibility of choosing from multi-colored templates that give your invoice a personalized impression, each of which contains a QR code that distinguishes it from the other.